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Just Dice app soon to be rolled out

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Just Dice Screenshot unreleased

The app was created for one simple reason … Friends came together, we had a paper, we had pens, we had no dice. We have tried various applications but simply none of them was good enough.

What Just Dice offers:

  • very simple design (no unnecessary animations, etc.)
  • the ability to roll 1 to 6 dices
  • two modes: one where you roll all the dices at the same time, other where you can hold/unhold the dice that suit you
  • hold/unhold the dice by simply tapping it
  • three throws! (yes, you can hold the dice three throws in a row)
  • the sum is on the screen
  • the screen is always on (no annoying unlocking)
  • dark background (less battery consuming)
  • and yes, there is no settings, taking your data or anything but dice

Sounds good? Try it. Enjoy.

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  1. Hi, we enjoyed very much the app in a rainy night in our tent. Thank you for that.
    The only problem was: only one of our favorite games needs only three throws (with held dice) in a row. Our other favorite games need more than three throws. Will there be an update, so we can choose between 2 up to 6 throws?

    1. Thanks for your comment! It’s really nice to hear that. Now about throws, sure, let’s make it 6 in the next update. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

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