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Just Dice giveaway

Ad-Free Play Store promo codes giveaway!!!

⚠️ Only first 100 people win! ⚠️

  1. Leave a comment.
  2. We send you your free promotional code.
  3. Open Just Dice app.
  4. Go to the settings page.
  5. Tap on the Remove Ads button.
  6. Enter the code we’ve sent you.
  7. Congratulations! No more ads. Ever.
  8. Consider reviewing app 😉 🙏🏻

Just Dice is doing just fine

Easy way to make your Android app visible on Google Play Store search

Hi, this is a screenshot from Google Analytics of Just Dice app. Considering that this was my “test app”, I must say that I am more than happy about the situation here.

There was a long period of stagnation just after launch, probably because Google needs some time to check and index or whatever they do with apps that are just published. This period lasted about two weeks. It is useful to know that this can last even a month. There were almost no downloads what so ever.

Also, the app was not searchable on Google Play Store, not even by the name or package or author. Nothing! I also tried to search on languages the app is available on, but nothing was really successful. So, I took a different approach.

Bring your app one click away from the audience

I was thinking, well, somehow I need to bring some people downloading my app, and as it is not searchable, they have to actually want this particular app. So I made a page on Facebook, where I tried to reach some people. And it worked for me.

After a few days my app was visible on Google Play Store search. With every new download, it was even better ranked. Now is the page almost unnecessary, because the number of downloads coming from Facebook is very small, 5-10 a day. But it is important to say that it helped a lot at the beginning!

So, if somebody is in the likely situation, just somehow make people downloading your app, and Google will start to show it in search results. After that, it is all about quality.

Our first Android app released

Just Dice released

Ok, now it’s official, our simple dice app, Just Dice, is on Google Play Store. After experiencing some issues with v1.0, we fixed the bugs and added 12 languages. Version 1.1 is already uploaded. It will be available for download and install soon.

Languages available in v1.1:

  • English (as default language)
  • Arabic
  • German
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • French
  • Hindi
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • Serbian
  • Turkish

Just Dice app soon to be rolled out


Just Dice Screenshot unreleased

The app was created for one simple reason … Friends came together, we had a paper, we had pens, we had no dice. We have tried various applications but simply none of them was good enough.

What Just Dice offers:

  • very simple design (no unnecessary animations, etc.)
  • the ability to roll 1 to 6 dices
  • two modes: one where you roll all the dices at the same time, other where you can hold/unhold the dice that suit you
  • hold/unhold the dice by simply tapping it
  • three throws! (yes, you can hold the dice three throws in a row)
  • the sum is on the screen
  • the screen is always on (no annoying unlocking)
  • dark background (less battery consuming)
  • and yes, there is no settings, taking your data or anything but dice

Sounds good? Try it. Enjoy.